Airport Shuttle

Multiple daily routes between Colorado Springs Airport and Denver International with five stops in between.

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Point To Shuttle

Need a ride to our shuttle? We will pick you up at your door and bring you to the closest shuttle point for $10. (Within Colorado springs city limits)

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VIP Point To Point

With your VIP service, we can arrange pick-ups and drop offs between ANY two points in Colorado.

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Event / Group Shuttle

We can create a custom package for your transportation needs across the Front Range as well.

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Infinity Customers and Partners

As the world watches the Covid-19 coronavirus evolve into what may or may not soon become a serious issue, Infinity Shuttle, with our customers safety as our first concern, have prepared to provide the best possible service during this crisis. So far in Colorado there have only been nine confirmed cases. There has been only one case reported in Colorado Springs.

We believe the best way to fight this virus is personal and corporate responsibility. Life and business must go on and many travelers have been left wondering what this means for trips they have booked to Colorado Springs or from Colorado Springs.

Whether you’re heading to somewhere near current outbreaks, from Colorado Springs, or traveling to Southern Colorado here is what you can expect from Infinity Shuttle

  1. Every single van will stock and carry anti-bacterial wipes and gel for customer use.
  2. Between every trip our drivers will wipe down the entire inside of the van and the door handles with HQX or Virex (what hospitals use to sanitize surfaces). Pick ups could be slightly delayed as we sanitize the van in between trips. Lysol Spray will also be used to disinfect seats and the general atmosphere.
  3. We are suspending the use of blankets, noise-cancelling headphones, and other items provided that could be handled by multiple customers in the vans. We ask that if you use the iPads, to wipe them down after use.
  4. Our drivers may be wearing sanitary gloves to handle your bags. Drivers may also be wearing mask and mask will be provided if you feel you are at risk for any reason.
  5. Any driver showing any symptoms of illness will not be allowed to drive passengers and reassigned to other duties until no signs of illness.
  6. As soon as it is available, Infinity will pay for all our employees to be tested for Covid – 19.
  7. Employees are expected and required to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.
  8. We are implementing a new Guaranteed Cancellation Policy. For $1.00 per passenger, you can acquire Infinity Shuttle Cancellation Insurance, that allows you to cancel your booking up to the very last minute, for any reason, with no questions asked for a full 100% refund (minus the $1.00 for the insurance.)
  9. We will remain committed to do whatever we can to protect our passenger’s safety.
  10. We will not let this crisis stop our entrepreneurial spirit. We will not let unfounded panic or hysteria prevent us from serving our customers – but we will remain diligent, cautious and prepared to do what it takes to be responsible in our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19, Influenza, or any other infection on our shuttles.
  11. We are lowering the price of our private cars to $149 from $199 between Colorado Springs and Denver airports. If you feel more comfortable riding in a private car instead of in a shared shuttle, we hope our lowered price help you take a private car and feel more relaxed.

We know what this crisis can do to the travel industry, but we believe America will rise to the occasion and overcome this crisis and be a stronger and better for it. I know we will at Infinity Shuttle. We ask everyone to do the same as Infinity, practice individual and corporate responsibility, be committed to personal hygiene, not travel while you are sick, and continue to strive for excellence in everything you do. Let reason and facts support you in your travel decisions and stay safe out there.

Travel Safe, Stress Free and Productively.

Infinity Shuttle Management Team.


In addition,we would like to share the following article from the world’s premier travel publication, Conde Nast, Traveler. With Local Notes Inserted in Italics.

  1. Check U.S. government websites and set alerts. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) is tracking current outbreaks and updating their travel advisories when they believe travelers should cancel trips, reconsider travel, or exercise increased caution in certain destinations due to the virus.  If your destination is not on their list, then make the decision best for you and practice personal safety that fits your lifestyle. You can also check Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website, there is an entire resource center dedicated to travelers. The CDC issues their own destination warnings, it’s important to note that the DOS travel advisories weigh a multitude of factors in assigning warning levels, whereas the CDC designations solely refer to disease-related concerns.Currently, there are no advisories warning against travel within the U.S.
  2. Visit the government websites of countries you plan to visit
    If you are visiting any country that has had an outbreak (or in some cases, nearby countries, the biggest risk is not always that you will be exposed to the virus, but that you could face travel delays, inspections, and potential quarantineswhen returning home or entering a second destination.
  3. Reach out to your airline
    To get a grasp on interruptions to service and the hard costs involved with changing or canceling a flight, you’ll need to reach out to your airline. Currently, U.S.-based airlines have canceled flights to multiple countries and are waiving change fees to many destinations.So far – no flights have been cancelled to Colorado Springs or Denver due to Covid-19.
  4. E-mail your hotel
    If you have a reservation in a destination with an outbreak, especially in areas that are currently on lockdown, you may be offered a full refund or offer to rebookif you cancel or postpone your trip. If you are traveling elsewhere, policies vary and will most likely follow the property’s standard cancellation policy. If you are traveling to multiple destinations on a trip, let each hotel know which other destinations you will be visiting to ensure you won’t be subject to quarantine policies upon arrival (which would be in line with the local government’s policy). In addition to understanding the financial obligations of changing your trip, your hotel or Airbnb can also provide useful insight into what the situation is like on the ground.

So far, no known Colorado Springs hotels have experienced any exposure to Covid-19. And there has been no local policy established by local health officials on travel to Colorado Springs.

  1. Talk to your travel agent
    If you booked with a travel agent, or booked any day tours or experiences, reach out to those providers as well. They may have their own insurance policies for canceling. In some cases, even if your hotel or airline isn’t offering the option to reschedule your trip at no cost, the agent who booked your trip may have their own offers enabling you to do so. Even if you’re not considering canceling, make sure to ask about potential disruptions to your trip or tour that will impact your experience (and make sure you have an answer, in advance, regarding how you will be refunded or compensated if that happens).
  1. Contact your cruise line
    After a coronavirus outbreakon the Diamond Princess cruise ship and reports of a second ship being rejected from international ports, some cruise lines are allowing guests to rebook or postpone upcoming cruises due to concerns over infection or interruption to their trip. If you have a cruise booked, reach out to the cruise line directly for details on their policy. Because many cruise lines are prepared for a range of scenarios, they’ll likely have a plan in place
  1. Check your travel insurance policy
    Ultimately, much of the above may fall under your travel insurance—depending on the type of insuranceyou purchased, if any. While most policies don’t cover the reasons, you might cancel because of the coronavirus (like new travel advisories for your destination, city lockdowns, or simply not wanting to go), policies with a “cancel for any reason” provision will have your back. Read the fine print of the policy you bought, and contact your provider for clarification.If you didn’t purchase travel insurance, know that your trip may be protected through your credit card. Some cards include travel insurance as a perk, though the coverage wildly varies. Visit your credit card provider’s website or contact them directly for more information.Infinity Shuttle is implementing a Guaranteed Cancellation Policy for any reason, for $1.00 per person, that can be purchased at the time of booking. Cancel your trip up to the very last minute and get a full refund no questions asked. Bookings cancelled within 48 hours will not be refunded.
  1. Consider when your trip is planned
    If you’re departing on a trip within the next couple of weeks, follow the above steps to understand what your options are as soon as possible. If your next trip is three months from now? Do your research and track the situation but consider taking a deep breath before overhauling your plans. The situation has been changing overnight, making it impossible to know which parts of the world will be impacted several months from now.
  1. Make a decision that makes sense for you
    There’s no one-size-fits-all answer as to whether or not you should cancel your trip. Consider all of the above and weigh those hard costs and potential inconveniences against your personal risk, based on your health history and destination. The CDC warns that the risk of contracting the virus may be higher for older and at-risk travelers, though other doctorshave noted that ultimately the virus can impact individuals of all ages and health statuses. Contact your primary care doctor to talk through concerns.If you are experiencing symptoms of the virus, like a fever or cough, even if it’s the result of a regular flu or other illness, consider that you may be flagged at checkpoints or asked to quarantine depending on where you are headed, which could have a notable impact on your trip>That being said, it’s important to note that many health professionals have warned that the Covid-19 coronavirus will likely spread within the U.S. “It’s not so much of a question of if this will happen anymore but rather more of a question of exactly when this will happen,” said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, in a news briefing. It can be hard to know where the next outbreak will crop up, and ultimately unpredictability is a fact at home and abroad. Panicking, of course, is the only thing that won’t do you any good.”I would be cautious, but not panicky,” says Dr. Richard A. Glimp, an infectious disease specialist and the chief medical officer at Providence Little Company of Mary hospital in Los Angeles. “We’re going to have to wait a while to see where this goes, but hopefully travelers will keep having wonderful vacations.”
  2. Follow general health precautions at home and abroadWhether you decide to stay home or hit the road, make sure to wash your hands frequently, disinfect regularly touched objects, and take the steps you normally might to prevent the flu. And while you should avoid being in close quarters with sick individuals, it’s also important to identify and reject stigmassurrounding the virus. The CDC has a wealth of information like this on their site.”An important thing people overlook is keeping yourself heathy, too,” says Glimp. “Focus on keeping a good diet, getting sleep, keeping your immune system up, avoiding excesses, and practicing good hygiene. Just use common sense in dealing with it.”You can find more information on how specific destinations have been impacted by the coronavirus in our comprehensive coronavirus travel explainer.This story was last published on March 3, 2020. It has been updated


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